NBE+ Nuits Blanches   2015-2018
an international strategic partnership

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and transnational meetings

1st Meeting R1 - Premier séminaire transnational (sans élève)


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R1 Results / Résultats du séminaire -  ROMA 11/9 to 11/11
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Follow up (Check Point 1)


R1.1 / 2

Ceremonial and social events

Ways to make comparizons between Italian reality and other countries, and  to appreciate Roman hospitality


 Pedestrian itinérary in order to prepare the students' visits

City tour for the teachers : regognize the sites, the transportation system...

The street theatre doesn't seem appropriated to everybody for a young audience
(noisy and difficult audition of the comment in English under these conditions, late hour...).

One of the teachers think also the theme (ghosts) is a bit far (?) from the axis of the NBE + project for a first approach by students.
But the"half moon"  pedestrian itinerary will be the basis of the dicovery route for the pupils during C1.



The assesment report
(and recommendations)

 - According to the evaluator, the central place we give to Romania is a good idea, even if the school had no experience in european project before.
It is decided to take the most large students crew possible  in C3 because of the interest of this meeting for the pupils (rewriting time) and  the link between Transylvania and our subject.
So we'll try to take some of our management funds to grow the money spent for mobilities
- Quality of the project design and implementation was criticized and the evaluator asks for an efficient leadership.
The global coordinator did plan a quality control in his own High School but the evaluator wants him to apply the same sort of system for all the partnership : it will be a subject for one of the future supervision note he is used to write to his colleagues !  The five other work fields supervisors will have to prepare their first note publication before the end of the year, and a commitee must be created in every school to prevent conflicts.
All the drivers (one or two project holders  in each country) will have to plan regular meetings with their school Director and the local  financial manager in order to check how the grants were spent.

 The grants
There is some mistakes (about distances) in the candidacy form that the National French Agency did exam. Because the definitive project was posted after the deadline  ! Some revisions could be done if too much money was given. Each team will have to ask to her agency to have grants enough to make  mobilities
(if  grants are not sufficient).


R1.4 / 5
School presentation
and Official opening
of  "Nuits Blanches" project

Teachers enjoy it and  appreciate
the Stendhal ressources

(a theater room, modern laboratories and..
a graphic art section ! Let's see that in the blog)

Speeches made by the national drivers
show that everybody has
already thought about some ztudies to do on local myths
at home
and made first  researches about some of the most famous creatures :
During C1 French students could make a presentation about Laminak and basque witches,
and also on Dracula's stories ; Italy will prepare a presentation of  some of the
graphic illustrations that the Roman students did, Latvia will speak about werewolves, Romania about Mithra and nocturnal religious rituals, Turkey  about Shahmaran...
 The dissemination activity is beginning anywhere, but we're a little late in France
(a corner will be created inside Lycée Ravel before the end of December, and Mediatisation will be launched  as we'll go back from Roma)


Cultural visit :
Mystery, Myths and Legends

This itineray shows the practical possibilty for us to make our students study, on a little pace area, chtonian divinities, paganism and military religion of the later roman empire (mithraeum of
San Clemente, Colonna Trajana).
It could be a good link to open to the story of Romania (to prepare C3 mobility).

Strategy and annual schedule
A Google Agenda is now opened (and also a what's App group). Discusses between teachers or sudents will use  eTwinning, Skype and hanging out.
Exchanges about agendas for other meetings
Some of the teams doubt to be with students in Roma in December, because of delays (conventions, grants, passports) ; Latvia suggests to interchange C2 and C1 in order to enjoy the winter solstice in Riga but it is impossible for the other high schools to travel during christmas holidays.
 Decision : we'll apply the initial plan  and schedule,  each time there is no consensus to change.

methodology  for
the meetings and pedagogic activities
The proposal (from France) to determine,
for every action :
Who is supposed to do it ?
What is the  deadline and what sort of results we are waiting for ? is accepted by all the partners.
This process must help us to "follow up" the results.
It must be also an inspiration
for C1 and C2.
The follow up method is supposed to
enhance our Quality Control


Discusses about during Day 2 (R1.5)
and   Day 3 (Final conclusion)

The local website of each partner must give space (and publicity) to our Erasmus+ strategical partnership. If the high school has only a portal, it could be a solution to create an independant website connected in (like french  NBE+ website, designed for local public and also for partners because of the global coordination by France). Italy has a specific problem about it because of the current reformating of the high schools pool wich is part IPS Stendhal. But  it has to be overcome as soon as possible
The ILARGIA Twinspace will be used to insert students'productions and to impulse direct exchanges between the classes involved in the partnership (but also with students and teachers of external eTwinners). French and Turkish students have already a profile and did begin to deposit some files. Romanian students are going to be in before C1 beginnings. Other Schools will join in the next weeks.
The NBE+blog is for all the coordinators. It is the common public portal of NBE+ ; we have still to determine the contents.
Other medias could be put on line : a Webzine ILARGIA (for selected productions)  and eventually a website dedicated to the Festival ? These questions must be
quickly resolved . 

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1st Meeting R1
 Premier séminaire

 Follow up (Check Point 1)


Understanding fears of the Past
to face the fears of our Time

Things to do :
Read and comment on the assessment report
Compare applications for funding grants eventually received
Develop a strategy and an annual calendar
Plan the study Travel C1 and set pedagogic goals
for C1 and C2

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