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Principales problématiques du séminaire
- Décisions prises et
calendrier imposé
- Résultats espérés

Le projet est scindé en deux phases pédagogiques de 20 et 16 mois
NBE+ Nuits Blanches   2015-2018
an international strategic partnership

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R2 transnational meeting
séminaire transnational
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JUNE 2016

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Quality Control
 Each skill area coordinator must act as the manager of a feedback system.

    Coordinators write monitoring notes (one by period, or several ones)
- to obtain informations from all the project holders about what they did (and when)
- to publish a list of activities dedicated to their skill area done in the schools involved in the strategic partnership

    The notes can be sent first as emails messages, and are written in english (and sometimes also in national langage in addition) and put on line as a post  by the coordinator  in our common blog.
    Coordination notes must be entitled by a letter and a number.
B for notes by Vivienne about Literacy, rewritings
and Festival organization
C for notes by Alessandra about all the Artistic  
D for notes by Sanita (Scientific studies and rational explanations)
E for notes by Ramona (Economics, Psychology and impacts evaluation)
F for notes by Eda/Serife (Dissemination)
    The evaluation of the results of these local actions
can be partly the job of Cluj-Napoca team  because Statistics and Evaluation are some skills the local team owns.
Follow Up
    Studies about modern fears can begin as soon as possible. But we must also end studies linked
to our eTwinning ILARGIA project in 2016.
    A Webzine will be on line and definitively
published in february, 2017 or a little later... 

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WARNING ! For R3 and C4
our mobility plan was  changed

Goal : Make the mobilities as it was planned in the candidacy form each time it is possible.  Avoid  to loose some partners because of financial or administrative problems !

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Action /



Issue / Wanted results


Quality Control

1. Survey Periods must be clearly determined by the project holders
after the delays of the "Kick off" phase

2. Check Points  will be done by the international coordinator (acting as the general supervisor of the project) at the end of every Survey period

3. Project holders in each country must answer to CP.

Follow up

4. Project holders (area coordinators)  must write one synthesis note (or some emails) to the skill area coordinators about the teachers involved made in the  High School  during the 2nd Survey period (or even during the 1st one) in order to facilitate their monitoring task

5. Area coordinators must write one monitoring (coordination) note

1. A timetable  was immediately
communicated to the partners by the general supervisor, see :
pedagogic monitoring

our mobility plan was changed 
(after Vivienne's demand during W3)

2. Before the 7th of July for CP2 (general survey and questionaire about R2)

Follow up

3. Before the 20th of July for CP2 and the 6th of November for CP3

4. Before the 15th of July / some people did it during the workshops

5. Before the 25 th of July

1 Goal :  Assign a regular rythm to Quality Control  and
follow up. After that the first Survey Period did end at the term of the first semester (from October, 2015 to March, 2016) every Survey Periods  will be almost 3 months long...

2 + 3 Goal : Perform our follow up program as it was planned in order to check if our goals are targeted

4 Goal : Help skill area coordi- nators to list all the  activties and productions  linked to their monitoring business and fill the gap between the plan and reality concerning our 
"Journal Officiel" on line (blog).

 5 Goal : Exchange informations and publish a schedule timetable of pedagogic and dissemination actions in order to be able to make proposals to coordinate the works of local teams

Follow Up
6. Drivers must try to give informations to the international coordinator and other pilots about the reports they have to do to their national agency 

7.  Our studies about the ancient fears and specially the Night creatures and myths must be achieved and finished. Final products will be put on line by project holders during next winter.

8. A pedagogic planification is very necessary and a schedule time table etablished by the international coordinator was adopted
6. As soon as possible

7.  Uploads to do in the  dedicated CMS from september, 2016  to february, 2017

Follow up

8. Immediately (as seen in first  point )
6 Goal : Use the same words, meliorate the definition of our objectives before to do mobilities to manage best evaluation tools

7 Goal : Product a webzine ILARGIA and after that get out of the eTwinning  NBE+ partners.

8. Goal : Actualize the common Google agenda and make the deadlines more strictly observed

W3 and W4

Debates on rewritings and preparation 
of C3

Notice that our exchanges about mobility program were not definitively closed


9. C3 program must be inspirated by the two main objectives assigned to this mobility
(study of Transylvanian context, beginnings of discusses between students about rewritings) - the
romanian driver (Mrs Zetea) is in charge of

10. Latvian team will produce a questionaire to students in order to compare the more frequent fears in every country and begin to study nowadays' fears.  

9. Brain storming on concrete tasks to give to do to pupils can begin as soon as possible
and formal proposals must be transmitted first to Ramona (and Vivienne as the most implicated area coordinator) before the end of september. From october all the drivers would be involved in the debates.

10. Forms will be given to pupils in september or october. Statistic treatment could be done by romanian team and be used during C3 .

9. Goal : Make the students to cooperate (overcoming troubles like different languages)  and obtain from them a production  useful for pupils not involved themselves in the mobility

10. Goal : Identify cultural differences and/or universal fears, try to think about the explanations context.


Web strategy and exercices on line supervised by an expert

11. Project holders must learn to use CMS and to put on line contents on ILARGIA webzine

12. Project holders must use this website as a training draft before to put on line contents on the 
(new CMS)

11. A  formation for French team will be implementated this autumn

12. The second CMS will be on line from february and another formation session
will be done during winter

11 Goal : Make  for February/March of 2017 a webzine to close our participation  in the  eTwinning ILARGIA project 
and valorize it

12 Goal : Manage a very attractive site to valorize our final productions and help us to organize multiplier events

Pedagogic Monitoring (schedule time table)                                          Follow up 

RESULTS - 2nd Meeting R2 - Deuxième séminaire transnational
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