NBE+ Nuits Blanches   2015-2018
an international strategic partnership
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FOLLOW UP - check point 7 - 2018, the 22nd of June
(trimesters 10/11 : SEVENTH SURVEY PERIOD)
C5 and R5 results and classroom activities' follow up

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* médiatisation *

CP1 * CP2 * CP3 *CP4 * CP5 * CP6 * CP 7
Targeted Goals Survey and Quality Control
main tool : a Google form for students was sent to the project holders in each country

Pedagogic Monitoring (schedule time table)                                                    

mobilities R1 * C1C2 * R2 * C3 * C4 * R3 * R4 * C5 * R5


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From  January to June, 2018
The end of the partnership : August
C5 was the last study travel, not only a short term exchange between our pupils but an event to concretize our main  goals: to build a common cultural project
and to make a rewrite of Dracula's myth.


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excel on line [broken link]

Only foreign hosts are registerd in this list :

No participant from Turkey in C1

No participants from Italy nor France in C4.
A bilateral exchange C04 was done instead of C4 in order to allow to French pupils to make the number of mobilities to be implemented acording to the applicant form .
 Italy losted a part of the funded mobilities.

C5 Follow up - Download from here 
 (pdf, in French)
in ILARGIA website

All funds spent by French partner
100% of grants  (61 309,75 €)
On a dépensé toute la subvention promise par la commission européenne (61 310 €)

Implementation funds 88,83%
15 990 € ont été prélevés au titre des fonds de gestion et mise en oeuvre ; il apparaît sur le tableau récpitulatif  que 2110 €  sur les 18 000 €  promis ont été transférés au bénéfice des mobilités  alors qu'on estimait a priori devoir en utiliser 3600 € à cet effet
Meetings 109,24%
8750 € ont été dépensés pour les séminaires
(constat définitif  des montatns forfaitaires fait lors du point de contrôle
numéro 6 en Janvier 2018 : CP6)
Study travels 103,95 %
33430 € ont été utilisées dans le cadre des activités d'aprentissage (montants forfaitaires - on a fait deux mobilités de plus que prévu au bénéfice de lyvéens "borderlines"  qui se sont tout particuliérement investis dans le projet (et ont obtenu leur examen !)
Learning 100 %
On a dépensé 1332  €  pour la formation au numérique des professeurs porteurs de projet (pour l'essentiel au bénéfice de l'équipe française, mais l'intégrateur est également intervenu pendant les mobilités entrantes
Intellectual Output 100%
La rémunération des coordinateurs (2140 €) a été utilisée en totalité.et au profit de la réalisation matérielle des films et autres supports
(achat d'un PC et d'un camescope,etc.)

 attention ! seuls les bénéficiaires des mobilités sortantes sont recensés ici

R1  Roma : 9 (1 expert from Latvia, 8 teachers and headmasters) - French participants 2
R2  Saint-Jean-de-Luz : 11  teachers and headmasters
R3 Riga :  10 / 9 teachers and headmasters and 1 accountant from Romania - French participants 2
R4 Cluj-Napoca : 13 / 12 teachers and headmasters and 1 expert from France - French participants 3
R5 Cesme : 12 / 10 teachers and headmasters,  2 accountants from France - French participants 6

C1 Roma : 33 (9 teachers and 24 students / Turkey were unfortunaltely missing) -
French participants 12
C2 Riga : 44 (13 teachers and 31 students) -
French participants 11
C3  Cluj-Napoca: 46  (18 teachers, one expert from France, one lecturer and two assistant managers from Turkey ; 30 students) -
French participants 14
C4 Cesme: 18 (5 teachers and 13 students from Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Riga, Latvia)
- French participant 1
C04 Cluj-Napoca: 14 (only French participants) / 3 teachers and 11 pupils
C5 Saint-Jean-de-Luz: 40 / 1 headmaster from Romania, 2 experts from Turkey,  6 teachers and 33 pupils


[ we are waiting for answers by project holders ]

reprise en attendant la finalisation du rapport de l'affichage des conclusions de CP6

C5 study travel in Saint-Jean-de-Luz (LES NUITS BLANCHES, Festival ILARGIA)

I - Toutes les équipes ont jugé positivement le séminaire 
People enjoyed the meeting and all Workshops organized during R4. One project holder would have like to be more implicated in the transnational rewrite. But it was supposed to be done by the students and if we finished it (Romanian and French team) during C04 it was in order to respect the deadline.
 We overcame many problems to product this dialogue, since all students were not in C4 short term exchange (the mobility dedicated to write it) and the Literary coordinator had asked us before not to speak about our synopsises   - contrary to what was first  planned in C3 study travel agenda. After C04 we were waiting the project holders to make us suggestions to change the text (using Ilargia Twinspace) but nobody did it neither articulated he/she wish to do it at Cluj-Napoca in december.
R5 meeting in Cesme (Multiplier event)
II - Les études locales sur le Totalitarisme ont été faites
Totalitarianism was focused by all pedagogic teams and partners sent to the French coordinator some files to be shown at the final exhibition (C5). Roman team (Graphic Designer III B and V B classes) produced some beautiful pics and posters on this theme... these materials will be reused for our festival dissemination.
Answers to Assesment report
III et IV - Les études sur le neutralisme et la dissuasion

Three schools made a job about neutralism but files are not still collected. Two schools were thinking about a work on nuclear detterrence. One of the project holder did not know if he'll target this goal or not...

Our final reports
V et VI - Les dialogues et spectacles nationaux
Three partners finished the national dialogue they were supposed to show at Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Another one was just achieving to do it. But it was still not done in France. Literary pilote in Lycée Ravel wanted to do it later, during the first months of 2018... Nobody even sent the files to the International Coordinator and/or Gianmarco Toto. Two project holders wanted special lights or sounds for both the national show and a part of the transnational story and wished to send music files to Gianmarco as soon as possible..
VII - Le séminaire de perennisation en Turquie
Most of the project holders are confident they will do the lectures they are supposed to prepare for Cesme final meeting and will give the files to contribute to the intellectual outputs to the project manager. But some of the partners will not be involved in the meeting (Italian pilots...). Everybody agrees the idea "to keep in touch" founding a pedagogic  association, because people want to ensure the sustainibility of the partnership and would like to do other projects with some of the partners in the future.

Have good feeling : more tolerance and curiosity, less relay in first impressions, make efforts in learning and accepting other people habits, traditions... Have a great experience with interesting meetings and lovely people and made friendship, think on versatile themes.. Do students to become more self confident and more fearless in shaping their own future... and to practise a better English !

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FOLLOW UP * 22nd of JUNE, 2018
Check Point 7
 Seventh Survey Period

 Follow up  2015-2018 / Project Manager and IC (international Coordinator): Vanderplancke P-L

Understanding fears of the Past
to face the fears of our Time