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Tuto 1 Faire un film, le montage de videos sur smartphone avec Google photos

A. G. E. N. D. A.    P. A. R. T. A. G. E.

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le règlement / rules and details about Drawing Contest (drafts to be sent before the 19th of february)

une phase de travail du 10 janvier au 10 février : les dessins doivent avoir été remis avant le 10/02
à M Vanderplancke
ou lui seront scannés et envoyés par mail avant le 19/01
(n'oubliez pas de vous identifier nettement)
une phase technique du 19 février au 1er mars : les dessins seront mis en ligne de manière anonyme
une phase de sélection : les élèves pourront voter du 1er mars au 1er avril>> infos à suivre sur ce sujet
Résultat officiel proclamé le 8 avril

Flamingo from Dobrich, Deer from blankenheim, Bear from Cluj-Napoca, Lion from Bulgaria, Pottok (little local horse) from Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Rules The competition is open to all students in the project schools and therefore to all students in the school.
the Maurice Ravel School District - This is to propose a drawing freely inspired by the coat of arms project reproduced above:  imperatively keeping the texts "erasmusplus animals" and "Noah" as well as the five emblematic animals selected by the teachers - The order of the animals must be logical (in the example reproduced above it is about the alphabetical order of the five cities where the associated secondary schools are located in the partnership) - The drawing should be inspired by the coat of arms of the Basque Country, which served as our initial model, or - according to the choice of the candidate - to remind the colors of thefive national flags and / or the flag of the European Union -  Drawing can be done with tools
digital or be painted or colored, be composed of collages, this at the discretion of the designer - The format of the proposed coat of armsmust not exceed the size of an A4 sheet (21 x 29.7 cm) - All drawings proposed for voting by students will be given by project holders to M VANDERPLANCKE before the 19th of February  -  The drawings produced in all schools will be digitized and put online from February 19 - 9 - The drawings will be presented anonymously (without mention of the author or the school) before the end of the month ofFebruary -The votes will be collected by a special mailbox from March 1st to April 1st - The final result of the competition will be proclaimed on April 8th after the relay teachers review the selected drawings by the voters (150 to 200 people in each school): only one coat of arms will be used by all the partners on all the official documents of the project 


Année 1 * 2017-2018
R1 Décembre Saint-Jean-de-Luz meeting December R1
CP1 Contrôle Qualité Janvier- January first check point CP1
C1 Mai Blankenheim study travel May C1
CP2 Contrôle Qualité Juin - June second check point CP2
Année 2 * 2018-2019
R2 Octobre Dobrich October R2
CP3 Contrôle Qualité Octobre - october third check point CP3
C2 Novembre Cluj-Napoca November C2
CP4 Contrôle Qualité Décembre - December fourth check point CP4
PR1 Progress report, the 1st of March
C3 Mai Dobrich May C3
R3 Juin Blankenheim June R3
CP5 Contrôle Qualité Juillet July fifth check point CP5
Année 3 - 2019-2020
R4 Octobre Cluj-Napoca October R4
C4 Novembre Alcochete November C4
CP6 Contrôle Qualité Décembre December sixth check point CP6
C5 Avril Saint-Jean-de-Luz April C5
R5 Juin Alcochete June R5
CP7 Contrôle Qualité Juillet July seventh check point

(See other activities of our common plan in the Gantt Chart)

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M. J-M GARCIA Proviseur du Lycée-Collège Ravel, responsable légal du partenariat en France